Women in Political Tech

Our study provides the first-ever in-depth look at

women’s experiences in political tech on presidential campaigns from 2004-2016.

We asked how working at the intersection of two male-dominated fields impacts female participants?

We found that of 995 political tech staffers:

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What is Political Tech?


The field of political technology includes four rapidly growing areas of campaigns:





Digital Media

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Data & Analytics

Where are the Women in Leadership?


From 2004-2016, for every one female who served in a director-level or higher role...







...nearly three males have done the same.


The Boys’ Club + Bro Culture?

We spoke with forty-five women from twelve different presidential campaigns

during the 2008, 2012, and 2016 cycles — they had a lot to say.


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“It is so male-dominated and that’s just the culture, and so they get away with a lot. They’re buddies with so and so, and there is that like boys’ club mentality.”

Want More Details? 


Access the first systematic study of the hiring patterns and experiences of

women working in the domain of political tech across four presidential election cycles (2004-2016).




You might be asking yourself, what now? How do I navigate the political tech world?

We asked our interviewees what advice they have for women.

We've compiled a series of guides on how to navigate some of the most common issues in the field.


“I mean not everything is a revolution. Sometimes it’s just doing what you can to help the other women around you.”